About Us  

OBLICQ  was born out of ambitions to   solve problems with a great passion to technology. We harness technology to solve business problems by creating innovative  solutions

Our  Vision

Our  vision  is to empower every business to achieve more through  technology . We strive for the best innovative solutions and cutting edge technologies to make your business more efficient and productive.

Our   Values


On our determination towards solving problems, we incorporate the best technology to solve


Focusing on customer satisfaction. We maintain relationship that brings notable positive difference.


We maintain the best product and service quality


On everything we do, we believe there is a way to do it better.


Our people are equipped with necessary skills to deliver the best solutions.

Our Competitive Advantage

This is an integral part of our success. We like giving the best to our client. We abide by what makes us who we are, to develop and sustain our competitive advantage.

Our team has proven to be the best at punctuality, reliability, organization, and competency. We abide by every aspect of the business to deliver the most professional service you can have.

On every process and workflow, the dedication of delivering quality goods and services is considered. Proved quality control tools are employed to catch any quality issue to deliver the best to our client.

We have the skills and advanced techniques to deliver the best service and products on time and within budget

Our strategies consider pricing as a very important component. We narrow the differentiating factors, we let our client focus on the quality of product and service we offer.

Our team is here for you 

Contact us for innovative solutions to cater for your business needs, our team is ready to serve you